Oliver Masselot

An inhabitant of Brussels by heart, Olivier Masselot is the translator and representative of the Russian bestseller Transurfing for all French-speaking countries. He was also among the very first consultants trained by Dr Fradin in his Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach, of which he became a certified professional.

It is by making connections between these two models that NeuroQuantis was born, with the aim of helping the individual be truly happy in all of his relationships with all organizations, while facilitating at the same time these organizations’ development and the fulfilment of their objectives.

Olivier Masselot began to implement his model during seminars for CEOs and managers, who greatly appreciated this radically innovative approach, which is also quite unheard of in the world of business.

Olivier Masselot received strong support from Etienne Mouthon, a Switzerland “business angel” investor; the English/French website is under-construction and will soon offer documents, articles, videos and, in a next future, corporate trainings as well as international consultants contact.

Samy Kallel

Samy KALLEL is passionated by human potential. Trained 25 years ago to different philosophical, psychological and behavioral approaches, He is among other certified teacher certified in NLP (INLPTA) and trained in psychosynthesis by Tan Nguyen, a pioneer in the personal development field in France.

Co creator of Erudia company, specializing in different types of leadership (personal, managerial, commercial …), Samy is recognized by its customers for its expertise and unique teaching methods.

Enthusiastic speaker on the topic of “leading change”, Samy, since 15 years, leads seminars, coaches managers and assists teams for their needs to develop leadership.

It is while using the tools Neuroquantis with clients that Samy find relevance in supporting the change: “This practical and operational approach allows everyone to be more present to itself and to others, to be so better able to cope calmly to situations of high tension.” This discovery made him work closely with Olivier Masselot.