Patrick Adam, Assistant Director of Human Resources MAIF – I just finished the book NeuroQuantis that I really liked and ‘resonate’ well. This book has indeed, in addition to its new content about the dynamics of change, has an undeniable tendency to push into action as well as dusted reflection or, in other words, a plea for a return to authenticity.
I’m already seduced by this new approach tinged with a deep humanitarianism that fully corresponds to my vision. Thus, I am starting to positively reinforce the power and influence of this ‘pendulum’.

Stéphane – Olivier, I just finished your book “Neuroquantis” … THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Claude – I see important changes inside of me and I must say that even though I do not always understand what is happening, I let go and keep being an observer. I better understand the feeling inside of me both when things are not going well or when things are going well. It’s ‘cool’ to understand what is happening and be fully aware and able to act the right way. Every day, I water the little seeds I planted during the course to create my tree of joy and inner peace and I can not wait to harvest a lot of fruits to share with others. Even if my way is not yet entirely clear, one thing for sure is that I no more turn round and I’m gladly on my way to a new adventure with ‘a great backbag of quantum’.

Anne – I read NeuroQuantis. Congratulations for this wonderful project we would like to see spreading like wildfire among the various human organizations …. To become more Human, finally!

Other Testimonies :

“I just read Neuroquantis and I’ll read elsewhere. It’s great, a huge thank you for your contribution to your help. It is unifying. Links between the various tools facilitate, gives more depth and universality. ‘

“Even though I was already using some parts, and intuitively following the work requires that I encounter with people, this book adds light. It offers many ways to improve … ”

“It is both very practical and easy to use! I had the opportunity to practice some very powerful and relevant tools … – What’s next? ‘

“I’ve had positive results using the RPL and ICL (biosystemic). ‘

“After the trilogy “Transurfing” I enjoy with NeuroQuantis. Clear, precise, detailed, orderly,” metaphor “, aired paragraphs, a summary at the end of each theme, innovative typeface, this great is great ! … for me this is more than a book but a training program that I want to deepen! ‘

“Thank you for this exciting work! frankly well written, well structured and ordered, I feast on this Christmas Day! It’s a gift!  Success in this opening to “another way”!

“Neuroquantis is one of the best books I’ve read for a long time! Besides, I reread (no, I revisit !) ”

“A friend of mine gave me your book NeuroQuantis last Friday, January 11. I started to read and the first pages tell me that one of my truth is there.