Leadership Seminars : training your managers to the posture of the Observer for better adaptability and NeuroQuantis management tools to improve impact in communication.

The course is tailored to leaders and top managers, first target for NeuroQuantis viral change spreading into the organization.

It is based on Practical exercices that allow clear understanding and integration of new behaviours generating deep change at both a personal and leadership level.

NeuroQuantis Leadership is a significant commitment of 6 full days over 6 months, where the team is immersed and trained to NeuroQuantis tools at a personal and organizational level.
Between workshops, participants implement these tools in their professional lives…

Objective :
Integrate the appropriate behaviours and tools for NeuroQuantis ‘viral spreading’ in the organization.

Purpose :
Effect an significant and sustainable upgrade of behaviors within the company by imitation of your new behaviors by all of your employees, partners and associates.

Benefits :
Participants are regularly invited to live the position of the Observer (prefrontal mental mode) where they get a clear vision of their own performance and of the needs mechanisms of their employees. Then, they integrate more easily the ‘skeleton’ of the proposed tools that they can then more easily relate to their own experiences.

NeuroQuantis Leadership gives the entire organisation a rejuvenated, energised and skilled leadership team.

Who Is This For?
This course is designed for corporates, public services and professional partnerships. Recommended for committed board leaders and top managers who want to deepen their understanding of human motivation, develop their management and communication skills as well as their presence as leaders. Ideally, group size is 8 to 16 – even number is required.

Leadership Seminar Outline

Read NeuroQuantis book
List situations, behaviors or persons that are difficult to manage and/or are generating stress for you
Complete Motivation and Importances Test

Day 1: To Know Oneself
Motivations, needs for results and importances
Stress and ‘hot live’ stress management
Understand and integrate its own limiting features

Day 2: To Observe Each Other
The Observer
The questions that leads to the Observer position
Interact with the other
Dealing with stress or bad faith…

Day 3: Communicate
Create and maintain the ‘carrier’
How to reach consensus?
The communication tunnel

Day 4: Individualize
Appeal to his own feelings to bring the good answer
What kind of influence do I experience at every moment?
What kind of control do I have over what happens to me?

Day 5: Getting Organized
The causes of structural failures
BioSystemic, the fluidity of the informal process

Day 6: Meet
The new behaviors
Relationship between state of being, intention and reality
Spreading the viral change in your organization

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