The individual lives permanently within all sorts of organizations. Up until now, and even more so since the beginning of the industrial era, it was up to the individual to adapt to organizations, for the better or — still too often — for the worse.

In order to reduce the costs of human failures in the company, NeuroQuantis offers to take into account both the needs of the individual and those of the organization and to satisfy them reciprocally. This allows the co-creation of a reality which is profitable both for the individual and for the larger community of human beings in general.

By taking into account common needs, the individual becomes aware that he can act in accordance with his own individual growth while collaborating towards the organization’s collective growth and sustainability.

By taking into account common needs, the organization facilitates its own growth by reducing the malfunctioning associated with humans and increasing its own performance.

Inspired from the model offered by Vadim Zeland, a Russian quantum physicist, author of the international bestseller Transurfing, NeuroQuantis makes it possible to apply this quantum approach concretely, by integrating tools stemming from 25 years of study on the brain by Doctor Jacques Fradin (NeuroCognitive and Behavioral Approach). Olivier is Masselot a professional of Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach from Dr.Jacques Fradin and lecturer for the French-speaking countries in Transurfing model developed by the Russian quantum physicist Vadim Zeland.

Its Strong Points

As opposed to the intuitive methods which have prevailed up until today, it is undoubtedly its concrete nature and scientific foundations which propel NeuroQuantis into the reality of organizations and management.

The principles and their applications are expressed through very simple, very explicit words, and colourful examples which everyone can understand through their own experience.

The discourse is both easily accessible for anyone interested in what their daily experience is, and ripe with proposals for any manager curious of improving his professional career and that of his collaborators.

NeuroQuantis offers in the next to last chapter, a series of exercises and tools which enable the reader to experience and appreciate in his own reality, the scale of their repercussions on individuals and organizations alike.

h3>Who NeuroQuantis is aimed for

NeuroQuantis speaks to all audiences, to anyone wishing to improve their professional reality, to any manager who cares about increasing both the efficiency and resilience of his organization.

This practical approach to management provides powerful and innovative tools (quantum physics and neurosciences) that bring more flow to the workings of any organization.

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